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  • Welcome  mexico dental assistant

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    Welcome  mexico dental assistant

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    Implantsimplant in mexico with crown

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  • Feedback

    See what some patients have had to say about their visit to Rio Dental.

    patient at rio dental in mexico
    patient after seeing dentist in mexico

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    See some Before and After Photos of Actual Patients.

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    See news articles and videos that featured Rio Dental

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    patient who saw dentist in mexico - Rio Dental
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    Dental Treatments Available at our Clinic in Mexico

    We are proud to attract people from all over the United States who travel to our full service dental clinic in need of Implants, Crowns, Bridges, Veneers and Dentures. There are many Americans who travel to Mexico for dental care who need crowns and Rio Dental does that work for about one third to one half the cost of the same work in the states. Others with missing teeth look to Mexico for implants and Rio Dental's implant dentist has received implant training in the US and is experienced using the latest techniques. On your first visit to our dental clinic, you will receive a thorough dental evaluation by a trained and licensed Mexican dentist. We will also provide you with a recommended dental treatment plan as prescribed by the dentist. From the moment you call with questions or need information about our clinic or certain dental procedures, we are ready to listen and ready to serve. English is spoken, and we all speak it fluently. While there are other dental clinics in Mexico, when you visit Rio Dental you will not need a translator to talk to the dentist! And unlike other destinations in Mexico, when seeing the dentist at Rio Dental, you can stay at a hotel in the USA. We offer top quality dental veneers, crowns, bridges, implants, and restorative work for a fraction of what you would pay in the US. The dentists at Rio Dental are skilled and experienced in the latest dental procedures and your care and comfort are important to us. During the initial consultation, the dentist and staff will explain the dental procedures in detail and a course of action will be determined. At Rio Dental, the dentists will not send you home and bring you back in a few weeks to begin work. Our highly skilled dentists are ready and able to begin work pronto! Since our patients come from somewhere in the US or Canada, and we know that when you make the trip to see a dentist in Mexico, you have invested your valuable time and money. At Rio Dental, we have the dentist see you right away and get busy working on that new smile. If the dentists in your community are taking too long to get you in for an appointment and the cost is out of hand, maybe it's time to give Rio Dental in Mexico a try. Contact us and speak to a patient coordinator to discuss a treatment plan prescribed by your own dentist, dental procedure questions, or for planning to visit us in Mexico.
    implants in mexico
    dental treatment in mexico

    Credit Cards Accepted: Visa * Mastercard * American Express *   Discover

    Now you can get a passport in as little as 24 hours!
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    We will Process your American Insurance.

    Why go to Mexico for Dental Care

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    So you are considering seeing a dentist in Mexico.

    This will come as no surprise to you, but US citizens have been flocking to Mexico for dental care for quite some time. The proximity of the US border to Mexico, and the quest for affordable dental care has encouraged people everywhere to seek a better, more affordable, alternative. The internet has made it possible for people to wade through various options when it comes to finding the right dentist to treat your healthcare issues. If patients are not heading to Mexico for dental care, patients are heading to India mexico dentistfor heart surgery and Costa Rica for dental implants. Given the current economy in the US and the lack of affordable dental care… patients are looking for options and word of dental care in Mexico has spread. It is not just a border town phenomenon anymore. Patients are flying and driving in from all over the US to take advantage of the low cost of dental care in Mexico. We all need our teeth to eat and survive; it is not just a cosmetic endeavor! What if you could get the same level of dental care, and the same level of expertise without the need to place a second mortgage on your home or forgo summer vacations for the next few years? What if this level of care was right across the border in Juarez, Mexico? We, at Rio Dental, in Juarez, Mexico, are here to tell you that your dream can be a reality. We are here to tell you that… we are a group of dedicated, experienced dentists, highly skilled assistants and knowledgeable and friendly Mexican support staff, and our goal is to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Whether you need major restorative work or just need a few cavities filled, our dentists and clinic in Mexico are dedicated and determined to serve you and your dental needs.
    You may be thinking that this sounds great and you are ready to make an appointment for dental care in Mexico, but your friends or family members are holding you back. mexico dentistThey think everything sounds great until you mention… Mexico! They think you are crazy for seeking dental treatment in Mexico, or you’ll come back well-versed in patient horror stories. Well, I would suggest you send your well-meaning friends and family to our website! Listen to the testimonies given by our patients, take a look at the before and after photos and hear what our patients are saying about our Mexico clinic and our dentists. Want more information…listen to the stories written and recounted by journalists in the media. We’ve been featured in various newspaper articles and reported on by various news agencies. We have nothing to hide and, we want you, as a consumer, to be as educated as possible concerning dental care in Mexico. We understand the value of money and we also know the American consumer demands value and quality for their money. Rio Dental in Juarez, Mexico, is committed and dedicated to making your dental dreams a reality. Dentistry has never been more affordable and at such a high level of quality.
    In fact, the owners of our clinic had that same desire and passion to start a dental clinic in Juarez, Mexico, years ago. An American man and his wife, a Mexican dentist, decided they wanted to do just mexico dentistthat…they wanted to provide affordable, exceptional dental care to Americans from all walks of life. Over the years, the Mexican clinic has grown in size, but the dream has remained the same. Rio Dental in Juarez, Mexico, is committed to providing top-notch dental care at reasonable mexico dentistprices. So don’t let Mexico become a barrier to your getting the smile you’ve always wanted and deserved…allow our highly skilled dentists and staff help you achieve the smile of your dreams.
    We are fully capable of providing the best quality dental care at exceptional pricing, and we are a full-service Mexican dental clinic offering a wide variety of dental procedures. Our dentists probably fill more cavities, fit more crowns, adjust more dentures and place more implants than most American dentists in a month. No matter how you look at it…we’ve got you covered and we are just a stone’s throw from El Paso, Texas in Juarez, Mexico. We are your one stop for all your dental needs: implants, crowns, bridge work, dentures are some of what we do. We can help you plan your trip, choose a hotel in El Paso, go over pricing and estimates, explain various dental procedures, and give you timelines for various types of dental work. We are truly committed to gaining your trust and your business. Start realizing your dream of having a great smile and let the professionals at Rio Dental help! We look forward to hearing from you. Hasta la vista!



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    Why Choose
    Rio Dental?


    PRICEmexico dentist and dental treatment savings about
     70% LESS
    than USA


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